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This cute little house was built in 1926 and packs a big punch despite being under 1,200 sq. ft.  The former owner of the home had lived there for almost 50 years and this house always stood out to me because of it's quaint size and the prominent arched roof over the back door.  When the house came up for sale the first time by the previous owner's family, unfortunately we weren't able to purchase it because our investment funds were already tied up in other projects.  However, when the new owner decided to turn around and resale the home it happened to be almost at the same time a realtor had reached out to see if I knew of any homes that might be for sale.  The seller and realtor with his client connected and before we knew it, Heather Homes had a new client and soon-to-be neighbor who was ready to get started turning this dated house into her dream home.  When we first met and began conversations about the renovation, my client said that her mom said to inform me that her style is more like Home Town than Fixer Upper, and indeed mom was right.  While the square footage remained the same, we were able to squeeze in a second full bathroom making this home a 2 bedroom / 2 bath house that has a cozy yet timeless look thanks much in part to the great antique pieces our client already had.  We hope she loves the new home for years to come!

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