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The guest bathroom was the only room left in this house yet to be renovated so we jumped at the chance to work with the homeowners again to transform this small space into a beautiful room.  We made two specific changes that made a big impact.  First, we removed the clawfoot tub and re-homed it making room a tub/shower with custom cabinetry to the right for much needed storage.  Second, and what may seem insignificant, we changed the door swing which made the room instantly feel larger.  From there our job was easy thanks to the great design style of my clients.  We installed a classic subway tile with black grout around the tub and a black and white rosette floral tile pattern on the floor which adds a vintage look.  The black matte fixtures pair well with the warm tones of the walls and vanity and a few finishing touches transformed this dated bathroom into a beautiful new space to welcome guests.


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