Reimagine Your House to make it Your Home

Make a space uniquely yours and beautiful with a personalized plan based on your style, budget, and space.  


This plan is geared towards those DIY individuals who need help with the layout of their kitchen or bathroom but plan to do the work themselves or manage the renovation personally as time and budget allow.

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The Investment

$650 - Kitchen

$500 - Bathroom


If you need help redesigning the floor plan of your entire home, please contact us for more information.

What's included with your purchase?

The following are included in your purchase:

  • One 30-minute Virtual Consult.

  • Two edits/revisions are included after the first draft has been submitted for review before work on the final draft begins.

  • One customized floor plan with a 3-D room sketch for one (1) space in your home or office.

  • Design suggestions (paint colors, tile selections, fixtures, etc.). 

  • Suggested timeline to help assist you in planning and scheduling your project.

  • The final E-Design Room plan will be sent as a pdf through a private Dropbox link.





Measure your space being sure to include windows, doors, and any other structural items.



Take pictures of each wall in the room and make a short video tour of the entire space.



Set up a Pinterest board with pins reflecting your style and the inspiration for the new space.



Have all of the items ready from steps 1-3 and then fill out the Contact Form below to submit your request.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

To purchase an E-Design Plan, please prepare the following:

  • Measurements of the room (length, width, height) all walls, windows, doors, stairs, fireplaces, etc.- any structural elements that need to be incorporated into the design and floor plan. An example of a Floor Plan Sketch can be found here

    • If you are keeping existing cabinetry, be sure to include a sketch of the layout and dimensions (height, width, and depth).

    • For kitchens, please provide all appliance measurements to be included.

  • At least one picture of each wall in the room.

  • A short video tour of the room.  Please make sure this is accessible through a Dropbox or Google Docs link.

  • Set up a Pinterest board with pins reflecting your style and provide the link to view.

  • List of wants and needs for your space.

Once you have these items ready, please fill out the CONTACT FORM below and you will hear from Heather within 2 business days.  At this time she will send you an invoice and schedule a Virtual Consult after the invoice has been paid.


Plans typically take 10-14 days to complete once Heather starts on your project.  You will be given an estimated start date when you hear from Heather.

Tell Us About Your Project
What Architectural Style is your home?
How would you like the room(s) to feel?
Floor Plan & Video Tour

Please upload a sketch of your floor plan with the dimensions of the room and all structural items that will remain (doors, windows, etc.). NOTE: If you need help with the floor plan, please click here to view a sample. Additionally, please provide a link to a Dropbox or Google Docs file of a video tour of the space.

Floor Plan
Max File Size 15MB

Please upload a horizontal picture of each wall in the room.  If you need to provide additional pictures please email to

Wall #1
Max File Size 15MB
Wall #3
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Wall #2
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Wall #4
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