Project Management

If you are interested in renovating your own fixer upper but are a little intimidated by the process, or perhaps just don’t have the time, we’d love to help!  Reach out if you…

  • Have one or more rooms in your current home that you'd like to renovate and make uniquely yours.

  • Have the funds readily available and are ready to start.


Our schedule is typically booked out 3-6 months in advance so please reach out as soon as possible if you are in need of our services. The first step with any project is to schedule a Design Consultation to review the project and determine if we are a a good fit.  If we decide to move forward, you will be placed on the waiting list after signing a contract and paying a small deposit.


Please note that while we are open to working anywhere in Spartanburg County, projects located in Hampton Heights with renovation budgets of $50,000 or higher are given first priority.

Effective January 2019, we are no longer accepting full house renovation projects for clients at this time.  



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