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The Exterior (Front)


Dark, run-down, and tired.  Those words best describe the exterior of my home when I took ownership. Having been neglected for many years, there were several structural issues that needed to be addressed right from the start.  To begin with, half of the front porch floors were rotted and literally falling in.  We took care of the issue by replacing the floor joists before installing new pine tongue-and-groove flooring. Luckily, the other half of the floors were in decent shape so after a fresh coat of paint, you can hardly tell the difference between the old and new.  


Secondly, the front left corner of the home had extensive water and termite damage.  Once we began to tear off the siding, we quickly realized that the damage extended into both the wall studs and the floor joists below so both were replaced before installing new siding to match the existing.  From there we made some simple repairs to any siding and windows that were damaged before getting the paint crew in to do their magic.  


To finish up the front of the house I had the concrete guys in to replace the front sidewalk, to add concrete strips and pea gravel for parking, I added new landscaping and brought back to life the cement pond in the front yard complete with a fountain and goldfish.  There's nothing I love better than driving up to a happy house and I love that this is now my home sweet home.

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