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The Family Room


Simply put the placement of this room made no sense.  Originally one of two bedrooms in the house, it was connected to both the only bathroom and the back porch which meant that in order to get to either of those spaces you had to walk through the bedroom.  That was a no-go for me. So, I redesigned the floor plan of the entire house and this room became what I eventually named the Family Room.  It now serves as the hub of the home and serves as a second living room which is great when entertaining.  It's connected to the living room, guest bathroom, kitchen, back porch, and the master suite so it's literally the center of the house. I finished up this space as part of the One Room Challenge so for an in-depth look at the renovation process, click on the links below to read through the process.


  ORC - Week One

  ORC - Week Two

  ORC - Week Three

  ORC - Week Four

  ORC - Week Five

  ORC - The Reveal

  ORC - Budget Breakdown

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