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Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom.jpg

One of my house staples has long been a large walk-in shower and above all else, a private master bathroom, even if it's at the expense of another small bedroom. Since the entire has was being reconfigured, it was important to work in that second, private bathroom and we did so by splitting what was originally the kitchen in half to create two full bathrooms.  


For the master bathroom I was able to not only work in a walk-in shower but a huge one!  The original plan was to use large white subway tile but due to a last-minute audible, I switched things up and went with these large gray tiles.  I'll be honest, if I had to do it again I probably wouldn't go this route.  It started to feel a little too industrial and masculine so I ended up doing white grout for contrast and an extra-long ruffled shower curtain rather than a glass panel.  Both of these small changes shifted the feel of the room into a spa-like bathroom and I won't lie....the rainfall shower faucet makes for some wonderful and relaxing showers. 


Although not the original design plan for this space, sometimes unexpected changes can make a space both unique and extraordinary and as it turns out can make a space in your home feel like a retreat.

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