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My name is Heather and I live in a southern town in the Upstate of South Carolina. I have lived in the same county my entire life, with the exception of my college years, and twenty years ago I ran across an old run-down bungalow in a historic district in desperate need of renovation. I purchased that house in Hampton Heights and naively started a full renovation, with little knowledge of the how to, and so my love affair with old houses began.

Fast forward to the present day where I now restore historic homes full time and consider it both an honor and a privilege. My approach to historic renovations is to honor and preserve as much of the character of the house as possible while making them functional for today’s way of living. My hope is to inspire and teach others to do the same so that the years of history these beautiful homes entail is preserved for the next 100 years.  I am forever grateful for the opportunity.  

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Here's where you can find me most days and follow along on our projects. >>>>>

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What's so special about historic homes and Hampton Heights?

Often times people ask me what I do and after I describe my job they respond with, "Oh, you flip houses?" No, not really. In fact, I'm not a fan of that description.  While it's true that it quickly summarizes my job, for me it's so much more, and specifically in Hampton Heights.  I not only do most of my professional work in Hampton Heights but I have also lived in the neighborhood for years. Here's a quick summary:

  • I've lived in HH for the past 20 years and purchased my first house on S Irwin Avenue in 2002. 

  • I've personally lived in four houses on three different streets and have fully renovated all of them.

  • I've had the privilege of working on 34 houses in Hampton Heights, including my 4 personal homes.

  • I started doing this full-time in July of 2016 as Heather Homes LLC so I am now officially in year #7. We have completed 36 different projects during that time including 13 full house renovations.


So, for me, it's personal.  My goal is to renovate these historic houses back into beautiful homes with modern-day amenities while at the same time honoring their history and character.  However, my favorite part of the job is to pass them on to individuals and families who will love them as much as I do and who want to be part of a community whether that's in Hampton Heights or wherever they call home.

Through the Years: My Personal Homes in Hampton Heights 

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My Americana

Click on the pictures above to view each home or visit the Blog to learn more.

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My People
My love affair with old houses started many years ago and whether or not they intended to be along for the ride, my family has been.  They've helped me move more times than I can count, provided me (and the dogs) a place to stay in between homes, and from time to time I've talked them into helping work on one of my houses.  While they've officially been retired from helping on my work projects, they're still just a phone call away if I need help with my own home. 
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