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All Things Social Media & What's On Deck

Hey renovation friends and happy March! I'm torn between being completely ready for spring and wanting it to snow one good time before winter packs up. But since it's been raining pretty much every single day instead, I've intentionally taken some time to buckle down and work on a few small changes and on some new opportunities for you.

Before I get to those, let's back up so I can explain this sign and what it has to do with anything. A couple of months ago I was shopping for a birthday present for my sister when I ran across this snarky sign that made me laugh. It resonated with me so much that in that moment (and was on clearance) so I decided it was a keeper. As someone with a small but super loyal following on social media, I often times compare myself to others in terms of how many followers I have, likes I get, and so on. Anyone else do that?

Last October I started doing research, workshops, reached out to other influencers, etc. to work towards developing a strategy to grow my social media accounts for my business. As part of that process I listened to two specific influencers who play this social media game exceptionally well and who use Instagram specifically to grow their businesses. One was great. The other not so much. A pivotal point in my research was when the latter suggested some disingenuous actions simply to get followers and likes. I was so turned off by the idea of that strategy that I stopped and hopped off of social media essentially for the month of December. And guess what? IT WAS BLISSFUL. It was as if a heavy weight had been lifted.

During this lovely break I took the time to really evaluate what I was seeking in terms of social media in the first place. Personally, I can take it or leave it. But from a business point of view, it's a game changer. The exposure it provides you is second to none and I'm truly so grateful to those who are following along on my renovation journey. You guys rock. So, as an introvert who easily gets overwhelmed by social media, here's where I have landed:

  • I can't compare myself to others, especially if it's gonna bring me down.

  • It has to be authentic.

  • It cannot control me.

  • It cannot mean I spend more time on my phone than with the people around me.

  • It has to complement the renovation work I’m doing rather than compete for my time.

  • It has to be something I’m proud of no matter if I get 1 like, 100, or 1,000.

  • It has to celebrate the homes, the people, and those I love most.

  • It has to genuinely be me.

So moving forward, that's what you can expect from me. I love sharing all the beautiful homes we have been able to bring back to life and would love to have your continued support and encouragement. I plan to continue sharing those pictures and stories with you along the way in the most authentic way possible. If you'd like to follow along, here's where you can find what:

  • Instagram will be more behind-the-scenes through Instastories along with pretty pictures of our renovations, inspirations from other talented folks, and the things and those who make me me – my dogs, family and friends, houses, trips, and so on.

  • Facebook will be geared more towards blog posts, promoting Hampton Heights and Spartanburg, and picture galleries as projects are completed.

  • If you’d like to keep up with everything, be sure to follow along on both!

So now that social media will NOT be the death of me, here are a few changes and opportunities I'm really excited to share.

1. WEEKLY BLOG POSTS: For 2019, I'm cutting back my project management load slightly so that I have more time to write. I love being able to document our renovation projects and truthfully, I just never seem to have enough time. So starting this month I’ll be rolling out blog posts each Wednesday (although that day of the week could change) with a goal to add more along the way. I'll start with some of our most recent renovations and work backwards so that I can walk you through how the floor plans changed, link fixtures purchased, and so on as well as other neat details about the houses and some of the people who call them home. Along the way, I'll throw in some of my back story here and there, old house tips and trips, and DIY tutorials.

We're starting this week with the Banda Bungalow and then will jump into the Spanish Showstopper and go from there.