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Banda Bungalow: Redesigned Floor Plan

So what's one to do with just 1,188 square feet? While your first thought might be that a house that size is just way too small, you'd be surprised at how much you can work into the design with just the right floor plan. I'm a firm believer in using every available square inch in these old houses (or any age house really) and that's just what we did with the Banda Bungalow.

Original Floor Plan for Banda Bungalow

To start let's take a look at the original lay-out. Spartanburg County provides downloadable sketches of houses drawn (relatively) to scale so here's where I typically begin to make sure the dimensions are right. It's just the exterior of the house but with a few quick measurements I can sketch out the floor plan that we're starting with. There are exactly zero parts about this that are glamorous or even impressive and truth be told this is a cleaned up version of what I started with. But since it gets the job done and I thought it might be helpful to some of you, I wanted to share my process with you.

After meeting with my client several times, here are the items we knew needed modifications:

  • The middle hallway area that housed the washer and dryer closet and led to the only bathroom in the house was wasted space.

  • The kitchen needed to be redesigned to create a galley kitchen and my client wanted as large of an opening as possible between the kitchen and the dining room.

  • The back enclosed porch was a possible option for relocating the washer/dryer.

  • The back bedroom had an awkward corner closet and a larger closet that could possibly be used in a better way.

  • After much back-and-forth, my client made the smart decision to go ahead and add a second full bathroom within the same square footage.

So from there I got to work on the new Redesigned Floor Plan to figure out the new lay-out. When I am simply redesigning a floor plan (and don't need 3-D renderings) I often times use a more simple design software program that only shows the dimensions of the spaces. However when I also need to incorporate 3-D renderings like I did here for the kitchen and bathrooms, I use Sketchup which shows greater details. So quick disclaimer....these a relatively simple plans but they certainly get the job done and help keep the costs in check as opposed to having to get architectural drawings. They are drawn to scale and a great visual representation for me and my clients. And here's what we were able to come up with after many edits to the redesigned floor plan. Hint: Skip to the bottom of the page if you'd like to see a short video walking you through the new floor plan.

Redesigned Floor Plan - Banda Bungalow

Redesigned Floor Plan 2 - Banda Bungalow

Today we'll be walking through the changes to the 'entertaining' side of the house and will cover bedrooms and bathrooms next week to wrap up. Okay, here we go!


Living Room

The floor plan of the living room remained the same but the overall space got a much needed facelift. We removed the cabinets to the right of the fireplace and removed both the mantel and the plaster to expose the brick fireplace. Keep your eye on that dangling'll show up in the Dining Room where it's meant to be.

Before Living Room - Banda Bungalow

My client was really hoping to have exposed brick wherever possible even if it wasn't 100% perfect. Luckily it was in pretty good shape overall and looks great with her vintage style.

Banda Bungalow After Living Room

A bright coat of white paint on the walls and trim provides a great backdrop for her cool pieces.

TIP: I always get asked what shade of white I use and 95% of the time my answer is simply the on-the-shelf bright white you can find at any home improvement or paint store. I use it on both the walls and the trim and have always found that to be the easiest option.

After Living Room - Banda Bungalow

After Living Room 2 - Banda Bungalow

Vintage Typewriter and Card Catalog - After Living Room

Since the exterior doors were not original to the house we were also able to change those out with antique doors my client found. The front door is a french door painted black and the side porch door has a large upper window, both allowing plenty of sunlight throughout the day.

After Living Room 3 - Banda Bungalow