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Five Years of Making My Historic House Home

A project five + years in the making.

In late May of 2017, I purchased the next place I would call home, a 1914 historic bungalow and my fourth personal home in Hampton Heights. To say it needed a lot of work is an understatement.

At the beginning of June we started with the more simple parts of the renovation - land surveyed and cleared, pulled up carpet, removed kitchen cabinets, took measurements to work on the design plan, and a little exploratory demo to assess certain areas of the house.


By July we were in full renovation mode with demolition well underway followed by framing and all of the rough-ins. For the next five months I worked alongside my contractors to completely transform every single space of this home and by December I moved into the house just in time to throw up some Christmas lights; a half-hearted attempt to try and make the sad exterior feel a little more festive and to disguise the fact that the house was far from being done.

Over the next 4 1/2 years I have worked on both the interior and exterior, as time and budget allowed, and decided early on to be intentional about not putting a completion date on this house. I've taken my time and slowly but surely turned this once neglected and run down house into my home sweet home, with the most recent project being the restoration of the covered pergola over the front patio.

Of all the houses I've lived in, this one feels the most like home. And while I'll never say I'll never move again, I can say that I don't see that in my future anytime soon. I'm truly looking forward to working on many more projects over the next several months and hope you'll stay around for the renovation journey!


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