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Going For Gold

At the end of 2016, I picked up a new house and with any new project I get the opportunity to come up with new ideas. You know, the fun stuff. This house already had some improvements made to it by the previous owner including an exterior paint job that was, well, bold. I’m not going to lie and say that I immediately loved the shade of yellow chosen, but I can say that it’s growing on me. Since my budget doesn’t allow me to repaint the entire exterior, I’m planning to make some modifications including a teal blue front door (Sherwin Williams Blue Peacock). It’s sooooo pretty!

SW BLUE PEACOCK: In full disclosure, this gorgeous front door belongs to another house.

Before and after of brass door hardware I was able to strip and polish and plan to use.

And this got my wheels spinning……how could I blend the outside with the inside, which is when I decided I was going for gold.  Okay, technically it’s brass but you know what I mean.   I can’t recall having used gold fixtures throughout an entire house before but that’s exactly what I’m planning to do here and I cannot wait. I mean I really can’t wait. Amazon is totally the way to go when shopping for vintage fixtures on a tight budget. I’ll be mixing these with custom kitchen cabinets, subway tile, a farmhouse sink, and a few other surprises including the use of the beautiful Blue Peacock throughout the house.

The kitchen and both bathrooms have been completely gutted and we are in the process of putting those back together in addition to reworking the floor plan to incorporate a large master bathroom with a killer walk-in shower. I’m really excited about this project and if all goes well, we’ll have it on the market by March 1st. Until then, check out some of our ‘during’ pictures and I’ll touch base soon with more updates!

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