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Guest Bedroom: ORC Week Two

Hey friends! Hope you're enjoying the spring weather and get a chance to be outside, or at least for those of you here in South Carolina. I have for sure, so much so that I've neglected getting started on my guest bedroom renovation. In case you're a new visitor, head over to last week's blog post to catch up or hop on the One Room Challenge website for all of the details.

Okay now that we're on the same page, I did want to give you a little background as to what this space was before and lay out the plan for what it has and will become. Formerly the dining room of the house, we flip-flopped the house lay-out to make better use of the overall space. In doing so, for this particular space and to transform it into a guest bedroom, we made the following modifications:

  • Took the wide cased opening between the living room and then dining room/now guest bedroom and scaled it down to make a proper sized opening with a door.

  • Created a bump-out closet since all bedrooms require closets and previously there was not one in this space.

  • Closed off the doorway that led to the (then) kitchen (now master bathroom).

  • Opened up a new doorway leading to the new guest bathroom.

During the larger transformation of the entire house, all of these lay-out changes were taken care of along with the electrical, plumbing, drywall, and so on. So at this point the room is technically ready to go with the exception of making it beautiful. Here's what it looks like today:

We'll be using these two beds because I LOVE them but I'm still unsure on the bedding (which you can't see because of all the junk on them). This room has become a catch-all for everything!

This view shows the new (old) door leading to the guest bathroom and to the right was the former doorway leading to the (former) kitchen.

Here you can see where we scaled down the doorway size and added a bump-out closet. All of the trim is in place and just needs to be painted and the closet door needs to be hung still.

Just another view of all of the junk I currently have piled up in this room. I will also be reusing the dresser and vanity as they belonged to my Papa and I painted them a fresh coat of white.

The bump-out wall where the beds will be anchored on will have a pretty wallpaper and the rest of the walls will receive a fresh coat of white paint too. I love a white backdrop to showcase the things I love most and also want to created a peaceful and tranquil space for guests.

Check back next week and hopefully we'll make a little more progress! Until then be sure to check out all of the other talented individuals participating in this spring's One Room Challenge.

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