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Here We Go! Year #4

Holy camoly! On this day exactly three years ago I announced to the world that Heather Homes was a thing. As in an actual business where I’m now self-employed, running my own start-up, and decided to make my dream of renovating houses for a living a reality. It seems like both yesterday and a lifetime ago and while there have been both ups and downs along the way, if I had to hit rewind and start over again, I’d jump right back in, feet first, without hesitation. I’m living out my dream job.

Looking Back

After two great careers first in the athletic department and student affairs office at a nearby college, and then for a Christian sports ministry, I felt this tug in my heart that I needed to turn what had been my hobby turned part-time (side) job into my full-time career. So, I sat down and very loosely mapped out the transition and signed my first official clients in the spring of 2016. At the time I was still working full-time for the ministry but had already shifted to a flexible schedule so that I could transition out and at the same time get my business off the ground. As I look back, I’m so thankful for the flexibility I was given and the trust my new clients had in me. The sweetest part of this story is that my very first clients invited me back into their home just this summer to renovate the one bathroom we weren’t able to get to the first go round. That’s what I consider a compliment.

View the Colonial Revival Portfolio

While working on my client's project, I also decided to hold nothing back right from the start and purchased our first investment property on June 27th. This was officially Heather Homes’ first flip house, The Cecil House, and it was a big one! While we only renovated the exterior of this home before handing it off to the new homeowners to finish the exterior, we loved being able to transform this beautiful home back to her former glory.

View the Cecil House Portfolio

Fast forward a few days later and on July 1st I was officially no longer a full-time employee anywhere (so scary!) and then….(drum roll please)….on August 1, 2016 I announced to the world – quite small at the time – that I was officially launching Heather Homes, LLC.

I now was the proud owner of a small business starting a new journey and navigating through uncharted territory. Seriously, I wasn’t completely sure what I was doing. But here’s the thing….sometimes you just have to trust that what God brings you to, he’ll bring you through. My experience was my best asset both in the skillsets I brought from my previous careers, and from my personal and part-time renovation projects. The rest I have figured out along the way, making some mistakes, surprising myself at times, and always learning. My business model continues to shift and refocus and I feel like it always will but the core mission of turning a house into a beautiful home and building community along the way has always been the driving force. Getting to know new people in the process has been an unexpected gift and I consider myself a lucky girl. Here are a few of my earlier renovations in case you missed them.


The Harris House | Before & After


As we officially head into YEAR FOUR, I wanted to stop and say THANK YOU. Like the sincerest and heartful thank you I can offer. I’m so very grateful for the support from family and friends, encouragement from so many old and new friends, and the sweet surprise of building a design community online that loves historic homes and making their own space beautiful as much as I do. As a little thank you we're having a GIVEAWAY on both Instagram and Facebook for the next couple of days so be sure to hop over there and check it out. We have much in store for Year #4 and I hope you’ll continue to come along for the ride!

Thanks again!!!

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