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Lake Lure: History, Happenings, and Houses

Those that know me well have heard about one of my favorite places in the world, Lake Lure. It's a quaint town nestled in the foothills of Western North Carolina and our family had the unique privilege of spending countless summer and fall days in our little lakefront cabin for over 50 years. While we no longer get to call the house our own, Lake Lure will always hold a special place in our hearts and I suspect we'll always make time to visit.

It truly is one of the most beautiful settings you'll see and if you get the chance to visit during the fall when the leaves are turning, it's a spectacular showcase of autumn colors. Both the sunrises and sunsets are both spectacular and captivating and there's nature all around including the mountains, river rocks, deer, great blue heron, the occasional bear, and plenty more. God's beauty and handprint is everywhere. If you haven't had a chance to visit, I definitely encourage you to!


In the spring of 1927, the town of Lake Lure was incorporated and the dam was completed to form the lake. Rumor has it that a small town called Buffalo lies at the bottom of the lake as well as six-plus-foot catfish. The town itself is considered to be the sister city of Lake Como, Italy and you can see much of the European influence in the earliest buildings including the Lake Lure Inn, The Arcade Commerce Building, and the Haynes Hill Mansion, all three of which are still standing today.