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Moore Master Bathroom Remodel

What fun we had with this remodel! In just five short weeks we turned this dated 90's bathroom into a beautiful master bathroom we hope our client will love for years to come. The only request - make sure it's suited for a senior adult with components like stylish grab bars and a low threshold on the shower. Otherwise, I had free rein to do whatever I wanted in this space meaning my client truly let me make all of the design decisions. That was certainly a first for me and both fun and nerve-wrecking at the same time!

First up, the guys removed the bath/shower unit along with the dropped ceiling above the shower and the vanity. By removing those dropped ceilings the space instantly looked twice as big!

Crazy what a difference those changes made, right?

Next I focused on the tile selections. My client's taste is a little bit rustic with warm tones and wood elements throughout her house. So to make sure the new bathroom reflected her style, we went with these cement 8x8 tiles on the floor in this interesting pattern. Since the floor tile would most certainly be stealing the show, the shower tiles were a simple white 3x12 subway tile on the walls and a white hex matte tile on the floor. All of the tile received the same color grout for a cohesive look.

Since the vanity was in good shape I chose to keep it with plans simply to repaint it this pretty shade of blue which matches the blue in the floor tile. We added a white quartz countertop with undermount sinks and finished it off with brushed nickel hardware and faucets.

To continue with the wood tones, we selected walnut framed mirrors, a natural window shade and my favorite, the teak wood bench. Above these pretty mirrors are the neatest wall sconces that match well with the brushed nickel shower faucet.

The shower then received a semi-frameless sliding glass door to work within the space. To finish off the look and to meet her requests to make this bathroom suitable for aging, we added an ADA compatible toilet at seat-height along with two stylish grab bars. The one inside the shower doubles as a shelf and the one just on the outside doubles as a towel bar which goes to show that you can get something stylish and functional for this specific request. We also made sure the shower faucet had a removable hand-held sprayer for easy use and the teak bench can easily be moved around as needed.

Overall we love the way this bathroom turned out and hope she does too! For all of the sources on this project, head over to our Shop Our Projects page or simply click on the link below!

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