Stylish Masculine Bathroom Renovation

What started out of necessity due to some major plumbing issues quickly turned into a full scale renovation of the bathroom in this historic home.

My clients had renovated the bathroom a little over 10 years ago and never were completely happy with the space. So, when the ceiling of the kitchen (which sits underneath the bathroom) started showing signs of water leaking, they decided it was time to make a major change.

Once demolition began, we quickly found the source of the problem and made the necessary plumbing upgrades and structural repairs to make sure it wouldn't happen again.

While the lay-out of the room would remain the same due to the small space and sloping roof lines, we were able to make a couple of small changes that made a big impact.

First, we made the decision to reduce the size of the window since it was showing signs of water damage around the ledge and had dated glass blocks. We replaced it with a small window that still lets in much needed natural light but is installed high enough so that water won't be an issue moving forward.

Secondly, the back wall where the toilet sits was moved back approximately 6 inches. This may seem like an insignificant change but because of this slight shift it allowed a little more room for the toilet and also gave enough space for the vanity to fit without having to notch out the door casing as had previously been done.

This also allowed more room for storage on the other side of the tub and we created a neat little niche behind the toilet as well.

With those changes out of the way, we quickly got to work on the design plan which developed into both a stylish and masculine bathroom.

We started with the vintage star tile which my client loved and chose the other design elements to compliment it. Since the previous tile installation was uneven and the dark grout highlighted those imperfections, we chose a pretty white 3 x 12 subway tile that has uneven edges which adds both interest and dimension with white grout.

Champagne bronze fixtures were chosen for both the shower/tub and the vanity faucet so we painted the existing custom vanity black to continue with the black and gold theme and then added a white quartz countertop with undercount sink. We finished off the look with a coordinating light fixture and mirror and added floating cedar shelves to add some warmth to the space.

We love the way this bathroom turned out and hope our clients love it for years to come!

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