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The Fairview Reno Project

We love this sweet home. It is historic and charming and perfectly reflects the personalities our of clients. And goodness, we had a lot of fun with this project and are really excited to share it with you! So let's get started...

The background story goes a little something like this.....

A very kind realtor reached out to see if I could help her clients envision what this house could look like with a few changes. So, we met at the house, I cast my vision for the home, and her clients quickly became mine too! The most interesting part about this project is that my clients were moving here from out-of-state so the only interaction we would have during the bulk of the renovation would be through emails and text/phone. We would basically be renovating the home without them which is equal parts scary and exciting. We accepted the challenge including a tight five-week timeline to get the major items completed so that they could move in before their new jobs started. No pressure, right?

The good news was that the house was in pretty good shape overall. All of the walls had been recently painted and the major items - electrical, roof, HVAC - all checked out during the home inspection. That allowed us to focus on a few specific areas they most wanted updated.


We first focused on the kitchen. While it wasn't a bad kitchen, it was dated and had a somewhat weird eating area from a prior renovation. Overall it just lacked character so we got to wok on creating something special for our clients.

To keep costs down, we chose to keep the existing kitchen cabinets and simply make modifications to them to make this kitchen work better for our clients. First, a farmhouse sink was added after the guys modified the sink existing base. This sink was high on the priority list for my clients and the stainless steel commercial sink compliments it well.

Second, we removed the microwave hood and the cabinet above it to make way for a custom stained wood hood which really breaks up the wall of cabinetry.

We then had the cabinet guys make a 6' island to match the existing cabinets and relocated the microwave to there along with a trash pull-out. This allowed us to make room for bar seating and somehow made the room feel twice as large. We finished off the kitchen with new quartz countertops, replaced the cabinet hardware with oil-rubbed bronze to contrast with the cabinets, and added a classic subway tile backsplash with gray grout all the way to the ceiling behind the sink. I mean seriously, who wouldn't want to spend time in this kitchen?

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Master Bathroom

Next we focused our attention on the master bathroom. Since the vanity was in good shape, we chose to keep it but everything else had to go including the wall between the toilet and the dated shower enclosure that was too small for my clients.

We flip-flopped the location of the shower and toilet to make the room feel bigger and installed a frameless glass shower enclosure to make this change work well.