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Vintage She Shed Office Reveal: The Exterior

She sheds are all the craze these days but can I just be honest with you and say that description sits a little funny with me. I have no idea why. She shed, office, garden oasis - whatever you call your new space it proves that you can you take a standard storage shed and transform it into the perfect, beautiful space to meet your needs.

heather homes-vintage-she-shed-office-reveal-exterior

Here's how, and why, I transformed my shed into my new office.

At the start of 2020 I was simply running out of space in the small nook in my house I called the office. I run my business from home and as my business has grown, I found myself running out of places to store files and have any sort of organization.

I wanted the new office to be a smart use of space, vintage inspired, and use as many salvage items as possible to keep the costs down.

Where might I find such a space? My back yard.

Before we get to the actual shed-to-office transformation, let me give you a little back story on the shed and steps I had already taken to make sure the shed complimented my house, regardless of the use.

When I purchased my house back in 2017 I had to move all of my belongings into the garage on the property while I renovated the inside of the house and lived elsewhere. I quickly realized that with the garage full I had nowhere to store tools and all of my salvage items so I had a 12'x15' storage shed installed in the back of my yard, out of sight.

The delivery guys first placed the shed beside the garage and it took me exactly one day to know I hated it there. I don't know why except to say it looked like it would roll down the hill at any moment. So, I called the guys back and was like, 'hey can you come move this shed again?' and sure enough it's a service they offered.

It was relocated to the other side of the yard facing my house and we lined the front up with my neighbors' accessory buildings for a uniformed look.

Now the building lines up well with my neighbors' garage apartment.

Tricks to making a standard shed compliment your home.

The goal with any accessory building, especially in a historic district, is to make the exterior look as similar as possible to the main house in terms of materials and color scheme.

While the shed is out of sight for the most part, I still wanted it to look like a small extension of my home in terms of the exterior so here are the steps we took to make that happen.

First step, the roof.

This may seem like an unnecessary step but when the storage building was delivered the shingles were an ugly shade of brown. So, when my house was reroofed I asked them to go ahead and add the same architectural shingles to the shed so it would match. It's sometimes the small things that make a big difference.

Step two, brick underpinning.

At the start of 2019 I had my brick guys working on some repairs to the front of my house so I asked them to take a look at the storage shed. While the building was stable it looked unfinished and, well, like a storage building. I felt like adding bricks to mimic the main house would be the perfect way to fix that problem. The best part is that I had a bunch of extra bricks from the house addition that we were able to use. The only thing I had to pay for was the mortar and labor.

I love watching tradesmen at work.


The Shed-to-Office Transformation

Okay so now back to the current need - a new office.

For two years the shed served it's purpose as storage for all of my salvage items. However, at the start of this year when I was trying to decide between the garage or shed as my new office, the smaller of the two seemed like the most logical decision, especially from a financial standpoint.

In January I pulled a few of my guys to help with some of the harder items for what I thought would be a one or two month renovation to get me the office I desperately needed. While that timeline extended to about eight months on-and-off, here's a recap of all the exterior changes we made to make this space work as my new office.