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Why Hampton Heights?

So in case you haven’t heard, I’m having a Home Tour tomorrow. To me it’s many things….a (delayed) business launch, a chance to showcase two of my projects, and the opportunity to show off Hampton Heights. You see, to me, Hampton Heights is THE best place to live in Spartanburg and here are my top five reasons why:

  1. The Houses. I’m pretty sure this goes without saying, but the houses are just downright awesome. They have character, history, and charm, and are built to last. I mean, most of them are close to 100 years old and still have more structural integrity than anything you can find these days. We have all shapes, styles, and sizes and most of the streets reflect the colors of the rainbow. They’re just pretty to look at and display an attention to details that is hard to find anywhere else. Bottom line, the houses rock.

  2. The Neighbors. I would venture to say that Hampton Heights is the most diverse neighborhood in Spartanburg County, and maybe beyond. We have all ages, races, religions, incomes, professions, and backgrounds. And yet, despite these differences, we work together. We may not all vote the same way or live the same lifestyle, but we are respectful to one another, support each other, and help one another out. It’s the way neighbors are supposed to be. I don’t have to think like everyone around me to live out ‘love your neighbor’.

  3. Affordability.  You get a lot of bang for the buck with these houses. I mean really, you get a lot for a little. While many of us celebrate the value of our houses continuing to rise, there’s something to be said for how much house you can get for the dollar. When I see shows on TV where buyers are excited about finding a 2,000 sq. ft. house for the bargain price of $599,999 I really just don’t know what to say. That doesn’t register with me. Maybe I’m cheap but I like to look at it as wise. If I can get more for less and love the home I’m in, I consider that a win-win every single time.

  4. Proximity.  There is no other neighborhood within walking distance to downtown Spartanburg. So, if you’d like to stroll through downtown to walk your dogs, head out to grab something to eat, or join in on one of the many events offered downtown, you’re literally just a few steps away. And in addition to all that downtown has to offer, you’re equal distance to the west side and east side and yet just a quick drive to jump on the interstates. You’re basically close to everything!

  5. History.  There’s something to be said for preserving the past. I love to hear stories about these old houses of when and how they were built and the people who used to live here. I love how we have dedicated neighbors who are committed to making sure those stories continue to be passed down and work hard to preserve these historic houses, one by one. It’s not just about the brick and the mortar but the history behind them that makes them so special.

So, if you’re looking for somewhere to call home, we’d love to invite you to take a look at Hampton Heights. In addition to my two projects, we’ve teamed up with two neighbors on Hydrick Street who will have Open Houses at the same time on Saturday from 10am until 2pm. 231 Hydrick Street is currently for sale and 253 Hydrick Street is having a preview before it hits the market. I mean, we could be neighbors! And if you already have a home in a neighborhood you love, we’d be honored to have you stop by just to visit. All of the details for the Home Tour can be found here and we hope to see you tomorrow!

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