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Project Management

If you are interested in renovating your own fixer upper but are a little intimidated by the process, or perhaps just don’t have the time, we might be able to help!  Reach out if you…

  • Own a historic home (1940 or earlier).

  • Live in Spartanburg County.

  • Have one or more rooms in your current home that you'd like to renovate and make uniquely yours.

  • Need design assistance from Heather with floor plans, fixture selections, etc.

  • Have the funds readily available and are ready to start.


Our schedule is typically booked out 9-12 months in advance since we only take on a small number of projects each year so that we can manage them well.  With that in mind, we encourage you to reach out as early as possible if you are in need of our services. The first step with any project is to schedule an Onsite Consultation to review the project and determine if we are a a good fit.  If we decide to move forward, you will be placed on the waiting list after signing a contract and paying a deposit.


While we are open to working anywhere in Spartanburg County, projects located in Hampton Heights with renovation budgets of $30,000 or higher and clients who are in need of Heather's design expertise are given first priority. 

2021 & 2022 SCHEDULE: At this time our Client Project Management schedule is full.

  However, if you live in Hampton Heights and would like to be considered as a potential new client, we encourage you to first schedule a Design Consultation so Heather can evaluate your project and potentially add you to the wait list.  This way if something changes to our schedule and an availability becomes open (which happens from time to time) we can reach out and potentially work you in.


Note only projects in need of both project management and design assistance will be considered at this time.

What does that mean? If you simply need contractors to do the work and you prefer to select all of the design elements (paint colors, fixtures, tile, etc.) on your own, we would have to politely decline the opportunity to work with you.  We are seeking clients who need help with design along with project management and hope that you understand. 

 If you'd prefer to get moving sooner rather than later, check out our custom  E-Design Room Plan or Redesigned Floor Plan.

Thanks so much and please let us know how we can help!       

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