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Reworking existing square footage to work for you.

Much like the E-Designed Room plan, this service is geared towards clients who will be managing the renovation personally or are DIYers, just on a larger scale.

Working within the existing square footage, we will rework the existing floor plan to make it more functional for the way you live. Nothing is off the table - switching rooms, relocating doors and windows - so the possibilities are endless.

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The Investment

$1/ square foot

One story, or two, or a specific area of your house.

Discounts available when you combine a Redesigned Floor Plan with an E-Design Room Plan.

 Contact us for a custom quote.  

What's included with your purchase?

A Redesigned House Floor Plan takes every square inch of your house into consideration with a goal to make it work for you and your family in a functional and personal way.  This is Heather's favorite type of transformation, especially for a historic home.  She loves being able to transform the lay-out of a home to work for today's style of living while at the same time preserving the history and character of the house.


The following are included in your purchase:

  • One 30-minute Virtual Consult.

  • First draft will be sent as a video walk through offering suggestions and asking for feedback.

  • Two edits/revisions after the first draft is included.

  • One final floor plan for the redesigned space. Final floor plan will be emailed as a pdf.



Before & After


Note: This floor plan included E-Design Room plans for the kitchen, laundry, butler's pantry, and two bathrooms.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

To purchase an E-Design Plan, please prepare the following:

  1. Measurements of the existing floor plan noting all walls, windows, doors, stairs, fireplaces, etc. - any structural elements that need to be incorporated into the design and floor plan. 

  2. At least one picture of each wall and short video tour of the rooms being redesigned.  Please make sure this is accessible through a Dropbox or Google Docs link.

  3. List of wants and needs for your space.

Once you have these items ready, please fill out the Contact Form below.  Once all materials are received you will hear from Heather within 2 business days.  At this time she will send you an invoice and schedule a Virtual Consult after the deposit (50%) has been paid.


Plans typically take 3-4 weeks to complete once Heather starts on your project.  You will be given an estimated start date when you hear from Heather.

Tell Us About Your Project
Floor Plan & Video Tour

Please upload a sketch of your floor plan with the dimensions of the room and all structural items that will remain (doors, windows, etc.). NOTE: If you need help with the floor plan, please click here to view a sample. Additionally, please provide a link to a Dropbox or Google Docs file of a video tour of the space.

Floor Plan

Please upload a horizontal picture of each wall in the room.  If you need to provide additional pictures please email to

Wall #1
Wall #3
Wall #2
Wall #4

Our Redesigned Floor Plans require a $500 deposit for booking.  Please select the deposit option below and click on the Checkout button to pay online. Once the online form is submitted and the deposit is received, Heather will contact you within 2 business days to discuss timeline for your project.  The remaining balance will be due after completion.

Select an item ($)

Thanks for submitting!

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