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During the spring of 2017, I was working on The Harris Home which was right beside the cutest little bungalow that had seen better days.  I'm always on the look-out for investment properties, especially in Hampton Heights, so I knew the property had gone through the foreclosure process and would soon be up for sale.  So, I watched and waited until one day I noticed a crew cleaning out the house.  I hit the brakes and decided I would go and check things out.  After convincing the crew to let me take a peek inside, I was immediately smitten.  Even with all of the trash and bad smells, room by room I was growing more and more interested.  

And before we go any further I'd like to pause briefly for clarification.  I viewed this house through the eyes of an investor who simply wanted to renovate and resale the home.  Having only been in my (then) current home for a little under two years, I truly had no intention of moving again so quickly and certainly wasn't looking for a house for myself.  However, by the time I got to the back of the house, I knew this was going to be my next home. Here's why...


First, I loved the back yard and the size of the lot.  Large lots near downtown are few and far between and honestly, I never had noticed the lot sizes on this particular street.  Working in the yard is like therapy for me and I have two beloved dogs that like to run and play.  Even with the overgrown lot, I could immediately see the potential and fell in love.  First the back yard was cleared and then seeded followed by a new concrete parking pad that was poured in front of the garage. Over the last couple of years I've worked hard to landscape around the house and garage and recently converted the smaller of the two buildings into my office.

Secondly, and this may confirm that I'm a little crazy, when I reached the semi-converted back porch that housed a nasty hot tub, a roof that had fallen in, and a questionable flooring system, I knew I was all in.  I immediately could see a screened-in back porch, something I had yet to be able to incorporate in any of my previous personal homes.  

























And last but not least, I knew it would be a smart financial decision.  Because it was a foreclosure, I was able to purchase the house at a great price - like unbelievably low - and because I didn't go completely overboard during the renovation, it has turned out to be a good investment that didn't break the bank.  Believe it or not (and note that no one in my circle of family and friends believes me), I'm tired of moving.  So, in an effort to make this the last stop for a while, I did go ahead and make a few upgrades including adding stairs to the spacious attic with plans on converting it to livable space down the road, building a new addition to the back of the house, and installing a fence around the entire back of the property.  So seriously, I'm going nowhere for quite a while.


The trade-off in doing a lot of the work on my own, along with the help of some of my family, is that it took a little longer to complete.  I work on my home in between other projects so that's just how it goes.  I moved in on December 1, 2017 because I had all of the necessities:  one working bathroom, heat/air, refinished hardwood floors, a refrigerator, and a fenced back yard for the dogs.  Everything else is optional for me.  The house is essentially completed (as of January 2021) although I'll always have a project, or two, in the works but this is hands down my favorite house and renovation project. But of course, I always say that.


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Here's a more in-depth look at some of the spaces!


The Family Room 


The Exterior 

Front of My Home

Master Bathroom 

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She Shed Office