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The Boarded Up Beauty

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Card Catalog Vanity

We have shared so many great projects with you over the years and are often asked for sources and product links. So in an effort to serve all of you better, we have created this section as a resource with links to the products we used in our projects or recommend.  We hope this is helpful to each of you!



Does Heather Homes directly sell and fulfill the Shop Our Projects items?

The products we share are not fulfilled by Heather Homes.  They are products we have used in our projects, sometimes similar products if an item is no longer available, and other items we really love and recommend for a vintage look.  All of the products are linked to the retailer and sometimes we make a small commission (usually 1-3%, and the retailer pays this) when you purchase one of our finds. We are so very grateful when you use one of our links!!

How can you find an item from a specific project?

For several of our large renovations, we have a specific page listed for that project with a picture of specific rooms followed by pictures and direct links to the products you can purchase.  If a product is not included, it typically means we no longer have the source but feel free to send us a quick email and we can double-check.  Additionally, we have grouped like items such as the Kitchen and Bathroom sections and plan to add more of these sections soon.  We will continue to add more projects over time but if there's a specific project you're dying to know the sources for, just send us an email and we'll do our best to move it up the priority list.

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