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The Queen Anne
Built in 1902 ~ Renovated in late 2019/early 2020

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Where to begin with this renovation??  If I could pick one house that I've always wanted to get my hands on, it would be definitely be this one.  After the last owners moved out maybe 12+ years ago, the house sat vacant and neglected, literally falling apart. The front porch had slowly but surely started to fall in and the back middle portion of the house had an enormous hole in the roof which allowed everything below to come to ruins.  However, you couldn't actually see any of that damage because of the overgrown yard. This neglect caused it to become an eyesore for the neighborhood and after many attempts to get the owner to sell the house to me, she decided to sell to a young couple who had hoped to renovate the house to live in.  Proving to be a bit more of a challenge than they expected, a year later they were ready to sell and I was first in line despite everyone thinking I was crazy.  They should already know I am.

It has taken us almost nine months to complete this renovation - the longest of any project to date - and now it is bittersweet saying goodbye to a house my team and I have put our hearts and souls into so that the next new owners can call it home.  We restored as many original details as possible and with the new spaces worked hard to honor the time period in which this beauty was built.  There's so much to share that it's hard to fit on one page but I hope the timeline, before and afters, and blog posts (to come later) will help to take you along on this renovation journey of...The Queen Anne.

Original Features 

The original charm and features of this house will make you swoon.  From the refurbished door hardware with intricate details to the salvaged and repurposed beadboard to the beautiful craftsmanship found in the doors, trim, and stairwell....this house was chocked full of history, and beauty.  


We did our absolute best to reincorporate all of these finds into the final product and carefully chose fixtures and design details that would compliment them as well. All of our sources can be found by clicking below.   

Photos provided by the talented Marian Ashley Photography

The Timeline

Long, complicated renovation projects like the Queen Anne are so hard to share because there are so many moving parts, different trades, design changes, and just ups and downs that come with the territory.  While I'm sure I've missed a lot of really great back stories, this timeline is my best effort to taking you along the renovation journey.  Broken down month by month you'll find a list of each month with the major accomplishments made with a gallery to show you the progress.  

Reveal pictures will be coming soon (hopefully starting June 1st) and later in the month we'll have blog posts to break so many of the projects down even further.  Hope this helps to give you the back story of this beautiful home renovation.


  • 9/12 - Closing day to purchase the house.

  • Large dead trees were removed.

  • Front porch stabilized then rafters and LAM beams installed.

  • Demo: removed carpet and paneling, kitchen flooring, bathroom, back deck, middle closets, and back hallway.

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​2019. OCTOBER

  • Trash and HVAC ductwork under house removed.

  • Front porch rafters installed and floor joists rebuilt.

  • Back deck demolished and back porch floor system rebuilt.

  • Foundation repair work.

  • New master bath floor system installed.

  • Ivy removed off of house and yard overgrowth was cleared.

  • Brickwork repointed as needed and new back pillars built.

  • Framing of new bathroom, hallway, pantry, and master suite.


  • New basement doors built and installed.

  • Front porch floor joists and tongue and groove flooring installed.

  • Porch ceiling rafters finished and temporary roof repaired.

  • Plumbing  and HVAC rough-ins.

  • Back ceilings/rafter repaired from previous roof/water damage.

  • Front yard cleared.

  • Began working on kitchen floor plan.

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  • Windows - glass replacement and glazing.

  • Framing for pocket door in hallway.

  • Electrical rough-in.

  • Tile prep in bathrooms.

  • Wall and ceiling work began.

  • Kitchen: Floor plan finalized and cabinets ordered, windows resized, and new pine flooring installed..

​2020. JANUARY

  • Walls/ceilings: Sheetrock hung and walls patched as needed.

  • Laundry pine floors installed.

  • Back porch floors installed.

  • Finished patching original pine floors.

  • Front porch bead board ceilings installed.

  • Doors hung throughout house.


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  • Walls and ceilings mudded/sanded.

  • Original trim reinstalled around relocated doors and windows.

  • Bathroom tile installed.

  • Patched floors throughout the house with salvaged flooring.

  • Pantry doors installed (relocated from original hallway).

  • Dining room board and batten installed where originally located.

  • Refurbished door hardware.

  • Interior paint began.

  • Bathroom pocket doors installed.

  • Restored entryway fireplace and surrounding original tiles.


Tornado hit Spartanburg including a path through Hampton Heights.

​2020. MARCH

  • Kitchen cabinets installed.

  • Electrical trim out and lights installed.

  • Interior paint continued. Exterior paint prep began.

  • Fireplaces received some TLC.

  • Porch columns and railings reinstalled.

  • Plumbing fixtures set.

  • Floors refinished.

  • Quartz countertops installed.

  • Back deck partially built.

  • Vents repainted and reinstalled.

  • Started work on the custom hood.

Covid 19 Pandemic hit and understandably slowed productivity .

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​2020. APRIL

  • Custom range hood built.

  • Sidewalks repaired out front.

  • Salvaged original beadboard  was installed as the kitchen backsplash.

  • Remaining lights hung.

  • Back porch framing and trim completed.

  • Master closet carpet and organizational unit installed.

  • Door hardware completed and reinstalled.

  • Mirrors and other hardware installed.

  • Appliances delivered.

  • Repaired, reglazed, and installed small attic windows.

​2020. MAY

  • Metal porch roof installed.

  • Small windows from gables refurbished and installed.

  • Exterior trim work and repairs completed.

  • Tile for fireplaces and above range installed.

  • Installed pantry shelving.

  • Exterior paint and prep.

  • Punch list - touch-up paint, install locks, clean windows, etc.