The Spanish Showstopper sits prominently on the corner of South Irwin Avenue and South Hampton Drive and now is a bright and colorful house full of architectural detail when passing by.  Previously a rental duplex, this house was in great need of some TLC so in the fall of 2018, our team got to work.  


The previous owner had already taken down several of the large trees that had become dangerous so we followed behind by removing what was left along with the overgrown shrubs around the entire house.  While we kept the body of the house a soft white, the colorful front door and window sashes give it a pop of color and personality.  We finished off the exterior by providing new landscaping and a new two-car parking area that leads right up to the back door now protected by a custom pergola.

Inside the house went through a full renovation - all new electrical, plumbing, and HVAC.  We opened up the walls separating the two apartments to create an open concept between the now new dining and living room.  On the left side of the house the existing kitchen got a complete overhaul and in the back we converted one bedroom into the master bath to create a master suite with a walk-in closet.  On the right side of the house we converted the dilapidated kitchen into a large guest bathroom and the former bathroom became a great laundry room.  The finished home is 1905 sq. ft. with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with plenty of room for entertaining for years to come! 


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