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She Shed Office Reveal: The Interior

The She Shed Office has been completed for almost a month now and can I just tell you how much I love this space? If you didn't get a chance to see the exterior reveal hop over and do that first so you'll know why I chose to convert my storage building into the perfect office space before I walk you through the inside.

heather homes-she-shed-office-reveal

The interior feels like a little treasure trove and is a collection of vintage finds from all over the place, making the space feel like home, and most importantly, a reflection of my personality and the heartbeat of my business.

The Before

Before we delve too far into the after, let's take a quick look back at what we started with and the steps taken before I got the chance to work on the fun stuff.

The inside was a standard 12'x15' storage building that was built off site and delivered to my property. It was a basic framed building and ended up storing all of the items that wouldn't fit into my garage (but that's another story on hoarding).

After the new salvage door and windows were installed, we trenched down the back yard to add power to the building and then roughed in the electrical including a dedicated panel. Next we added insulation to the walls and ceilings and then drywalled both for a finished look.

When to Hire vs. DIY

While I did help minimally with the electrical rough-in, I ended up hiring guys to do everything else up to this point - framing/installing the windows and doors, electrical, and drywall. I think hiring an electrician goes without saying and while I'm sure those with DIY electrical skills could handle a job of this small size with ease, I didn't feel comfortable connecting everything myself and had no idea how to tie into the main breaker panel. I also could have installed the drywall but I knew it would have taken me five times as long plus I would have to recruit a helper for the ceilings. At the end of the day I have learned that there are areas where it pays to hire certain trades of a job out especially if you're working alone but all project costs you something - either your time or your money. Once these items were completed, the rest was up to me.

One of the perks of my job is that I often have leftover materials and in the case of the Queen Anne, we had a lot of extra materials including 6" tongue and groove beadboard and 3.5" pine tongue and groove flooring. I used the beadboard along the back wall as a focal point and the pine on the floors. After a light sanding, my favorite stain mix for pine floors - half Mahogany/half Honey, and a couple of coats of polyeurethane, the floors looked warm and beautiful.

I also wanted to mention that in order to make sure I had heat and air, I purchased a small unit that sits in the corner of the office and vents outside. So far it's worked well and with the ceiling fan and large trees overhead, I find that I haven't had to use it as much as I anticipated this summer. I'll circle back and share a review of the heat once it cools down.

Here's a similar model if you're looking for a portable heat/air unit for a small space:

Everything was painted a bright white to serve as a backdrop for all of my vintage items.

The After

And so the fun began - furnishing and decorating. Believe it or not, almost everything in this office I already had. Remember the hoarding garage I mentioned earlier? Every single piece of furniture was pulled from there along with some of the accessories and then I purchased a few additional items to make the office both organized and efficient to run my business.

This cool vintage desk was found in The Americana when I moved in and just as a reminder, this is the house I lived in before my current one. I just couldn't bear to part with it for years even though this is the first time I've actually put it to good use. In full disclosure I'm not 100% certain I'm keeping it. While I love the way it looks and the vintage appeal it has, the drawers make it hard to sit underneath so I'm still trying to decide whether it stays or goes. Underneath is a sisal rug with a simple black stripe pattern that ties the room together without being too busy.

Braided Striped 5x8 Jute Rug

Oh and the Ikea desk on the back wall - I found on the side of the road. I'm not kidding. Like I saw it on the side of the road one morning, called my dad to come help me pick it up, and stuck it in storage until now. The only change I made was to swap out the hardware for these cool antique gold knobs.