At just under 3,800 sq. ft., The Cecil House stands boldly on a prominent corner in Hampton Heights and was in need of a lot of TLC.  In addition to some neglect over the years, a large tree limb fell on the front of the house and completely knocked off the entire front porch.  It sat vacant, and porchless, for a few years which caused the City to deem it condemned.  After going through the foreclosure process and a bidding war once listed for sale, we were excited, and honored, to be the lucky ones to be able to bring this beauty back to her former glory. 


Immediately we cleared off or trimmed up much of the overgrown trees and shrubs, removed two large trees, and took down the dilapidated fence around the back yard.   We then shifted to the front porch where the brick work was repaired and then we removed the rotten porch flooring and replaced with pine tongue and groove to match the original as closely as possible.  The team from Equity Builders & Renovation were then able to rebuild the front porch working off of the only picture we had showing how it looked before.  They did a wonderful job and were great at paying attention to the small details.  Just FYI, all of these exterior structural changes first had to be approved by the City of Spartanburg since Hampton Heights is in an historic district.  We then had the entire exterior prepped and painted while we focused on refinishing the doors and hardware.  Once all of the exterior renovations were complete, we were able to sell the home to a couple who took on the interior renovations themselves and are happily living in this beautiful home today.

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