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My Favorite Colorful Front Doors

It's no secret that I love a colorful front door. While some folks play it safe when painting the exterior of a historic home, I say go for what you love and paint away to your heart's content! I just finished installing a new screen door to my front porch and wanted to share the reveal with you along with five of my favorite colorful front doors and some of their beautiful vintage hardware.

My New New House

My house is easily identified by the colorful red front door greeting you. Red is a long time favorite in my personal homes and for my newest, I thought it would be a great pop of color against the neutral colors of the siding. As it turns out I have 7 exterior doors including three along the front of the house - the front door and two small doors off the patio. And before you ask (and please don't kill me) but I don't have the color to share with you. I know, I know. It's a custom mix with a faded label but just as soon as I have it color matched again, I promise to share the formula.

It's also been a great backdrop for photos with some super cute dogs.

The glass door knob and silver door plate are beautiful on their own but the vintage mailbox along with my Papa's small bell that serves as the only doorbell finish off the entrance to the house well.